Paramythia - Monastery of Vatopedi
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Paramythia - Monastery of Vatopedi

Tradition tells of this icon that the original expression on the faces of the figures and position of the bodies of Christ and the Blessed Virgin changed when the following strange miracle occurred: when pirates had secretely landed on the shore of the Monastery and were hiding, waiting for the gates to open in the morning in order to launch an attack, the Abbot, who had remained behind alone after the end of Matins in order to continue his prayer, heard these words from the icon of the Blessed Virgin “Do not open the gates of the Monastery today, but go up on the walls and drive away the pirates”. As he turned to look, he saw the Holy child stretch out His hand and cover the mouth of His mother, saying “No, Mother, let them be punished as they deserve”. But the Blessed Virgin, taking Her Son's hand in Hers and turning Her head a little to free her mouth, repeated the same words. This last arrangement of the figures has remained permanently on the icon. The monks, miracusly saved from the pirates, gave thanks to the Theotokos and named this icon “Paramythia”, which means “calming down” or “restrain”, words which equally convey the content of the miracle. The icon is a wall-painting and is on the right choir of the chapel named after it.

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